About Us

Here at gbstest.co.uk, we truly understand the importance of the wonderful journey you have embarked on to become parents.

We have more than 10 years of knowledge and experience working in the NHS and private sectors, offering advice and support to women through all stages of pregnancy and labour.

During this time we have seen the impact of Group B Strep infections in new-borns, many of which could have been prevented if the easy to use Group B Strep test was taken and, where a positive result found, intravenous antibiotics given during labour.

As Group B Strep is NOT tested for routinely in pregnancy, new-born babies could be at risk of septicaemia, pneumonia and meningitis infections.

The Doctors LaboratoryWe work with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), who are the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. They provide customers with the laboratory information for diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders.

We use the ECM (Enriched culture medium) test, this is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for detecting Group B Strep. The ECM test will give you accurate results and peace of mind.

We are an antenatal scanning and screening unit in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. As well as being able to pick up a home test kit for Group B Strep, we also offer a full range of Pregnancy scans, NiPT Harmony Screening, a range of products of the expectant mum and newborn and Hypnobirthing classes.

Our Team comprises of:


NHS Trained Songraphers


Registered Nurses


Registered Midwives




Registered Hypnobirthing Teacher